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Call for abstracts

The scientific committee of the conference invites participants to submit abstracts on the conference topics. A partial list of topics is presented on the web-site. However, other topics related to the subject of the conference are also welcome.

Abstracts can be offered for individual paper presentation, for symposium (3-4 papers on the same topic), for short workshop, or for poster. They can be submitted in any of the conference languages: English, French, German or Spanish. However, it is highly recommended to submit the abstract in English even if the presentation itself will be in one of the other languages.

An abstract of 200-300 words should include the name of the presenter, his/her affiliation, type of presentation (paper, workshop, poster), and a summary of research or implementation program. A short biography or C.V. can be added beside the abstract (in a separate file).

Posters: proposed posters can be submitted as a text or PDF file.

Please submit your abstract directly to the scientific committee by mail: abstract@brainconference.com

Questions regarding the conference or abstract's submission mail to: desk@brainconference.com

The deadline for last minute abstract submission:  16 April 2013 .



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